Youth Pastor Search

Church Family,
Please pray for the following search team members as we seek the heart of God for his will in this position. The members are Pastor Jason Allen, Dustin Ammons, Rusty Rose, Elizabeth Drake, Megan Creel, and Kyle Coon.

Current Prayer need: A prayer of discernment and the Lord’s leadership as we look through the many resumes that have been submitted. A prayer of preparation for the person who will become our student pastor.

Woodlawn Baptist Church is looking for a passionate, biblically solid, Christ-centered, devoted man of God to lead our student ministry.  We are looking for someone that will lead by example in studying the Word of God, sharing their faith, and being the hands and feet of Christ in our community.  We are also looking for the type of person that can be a team player on our staff and contribute to the overall vision of Woodlawn Baptist Church.  If you are interested, please send us a resume @

Student Pastor – Job Description
Woodlawn Baptist Church
General Description: The student pastor will provide leadership, strategy, administrative
support, and vision to the student ministry of the church (Grades 6-College).
Supervision: The Student Pastor will report to the Lead Pastor
Rationale for the position: In 2 Timothy 2:22, Paul challenges people to, “Flee youthful passions
and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a
pure heart.” In a world in which students are chasing after their own sinful passions, and being
encouraged to do so by a fallen world, there is the need for young men and women of God to
live lives worthy of the gospel, stand firm in the midst of compromise, and speak boldly the
name of Jesus. Our desire here at Woodlawn is to partner with parents and caregivers to share
the gospel with students and to help them grow in the faith to become solid, mature,
grounded, and loving followers of Christ. To facilitate that, we need a strong, Christ-centered,
Holy Spirit-led, passionate shepherd to help give vision, guidance, and equipping to our

1. Spiritual Maturity – Those who teach in any capacity will be held accountable for
what they teach but also the lives they show as an example (James 3:1). For that
reason, the student pastor must be someone who is spiritually mature and has a
vibrant growing walk with Christ that is infectious to others..
2. Experience – Demonstrates a proven track record in ministry and administration.
3. Academic – Some level of ministry training.
4. Personal Maturity – The ability to handle stressful situations; the ability to work
with people effectively; disciplined, self-motivated, and organized.
5. Beliefs – Firmly embraces evangelical theology as expressed in the Baptist Faith and
Message 2000.

Position Goals:
1. To cast an overall vision and direction for student ministry
2. To assist parents in helping students come to Christ and grow in their faith
3. To determine, organize, and direct the various student ministries of the church
4. To develop leaders and teams of leaders to serve in various teaching, leading, and
support roles as needed.
5. To give continual training and guidance to those serving under your leadership
6. To help develop and direct events, programs, etc. that will help our church reach
students in our community
7. To help develop and implement policies for the safety and security of students, such
as background checks, rules on working with minors, etc.

8. To be a team player to the overall vision of the church and give leadership and
support as needed.
Core Responsibilities:
1. Leadership and Oversight: This person will be responsible, in coordination with the
Lead Pastor and Discipleship Pastor to give leadership, oversight and administration
to the entire student ministry (Grades 6-College), including student Sunday school,
student worship services, etc.
2. Teaching: This person will have weekly responsibilities to teach God’s word to
3. Vision and Strategy: This person will work with the Lead Pastor to develop and
implement a vision and strategies to help the student ministry grow and remain
4. Leader Development: This person will be responsible for helping pinpoint, develop
and cultivate new leaders and servants within the church to fill the roles of a
growing student ministry.
5. Pastoral Guidance: Be available to students and parents to give biblical counsel for
various struggles and hard circumstances.
6. Assimilation: This person will help families who are visiting get plugged into the
ministry here at Woodlawn and help students feel welcome.
7. Curriculum and Teaching: This person will work with the Lead Pastor and
Discipleship Pastor in finding, evaluating, and implementing biblical curriculum to
use for students. This person will also help make sure that teachers and those
communicating with students are teaching the truth of God’s work in accordance
with the beliefs of the church.
8. Policies: This person will develop and implement policies for the safety and security
of students and the smooth operation of the ministry.
1. Pastoral Care: This person will work along with the other ministerial staff to help
care for the needs of church members. The responsibilities would include visiting
folks in the hospital or at home, etc.
9. Outreach: This person will help in developing and coordinating outreach events and
programs to reach students and families for Christ.
10. Budget: This person will help develop the yearly budget for student ministry.
11. Team Player: This person will work along with the Lead Pastor and other staff to help
develop, implement and oversee the overall vision of Woodlawn Baptist Church.