Pre-School Ministry Director

Director of Preschool Ministries – Job Description

General Description:
The director of preschool ministries is a 20 hour/week position that will provide leadership, strategy, administrative support, and vision to the preschool ministry of the church (Babies -PreK5).

The Director of Preschool Ministries will report to the Lead Pastor

Rationale for the position:
God’s Word speaks to us about the importance of investing in the lives of children. When giving the law and commandments in Deuteronomy 6, the Lord tells the people, “You should teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk with them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” The simple truth is that God wants adult believers to share their faith with their children. As a church, our desire is to partner with parents in helping them train their children up to know Christ, to grow in his truth, and to live lives of faith. Having that focus requires strong leadership, a vision for the lives of our kids, and clear direction for events and program that will help instill faith in their hearts. For this reason, our director of preschool ministries position is a vital role for Woodlawn.

1. Spiritual Maturity – Those who teach in any capacity will be held accountable for what they teach but also the lives they show as an example (James 3:1). For that reason, the director of children’s ministry must be someone who is spiritually mature and has a vibrant growing walk with Christ that is infectious to others..
2. Experience – Demonstrates a proven track record in ministry and administration.
3. Academic – Some level of education in the area of children or seminary training.
4. Personal Maturity – The ability to handle stressful situations; the ability to work with people effectively; disciplined, self-motivated, and organized.
5. Beliefs – Firmly embraces evangelical theology as expressed in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

Position Goals:
1. To cast an overall vision and direction for preschool ministry
2. To assist parents in helping give preschoolers a solid foundation of knowing Christ and having faith in him
3. To determine, organize, and direct the various preschool ministries of the church
4. To develop leaders and teams of leaders to serve in various teaching, leading, and support roles as needed.
5. To give continual training and guidance to those serving under your leadership
6. To help develop and direct events, programs, etc. that will help our church reach preschoolers in our community
7. To help develop and implement policies for the safety and security of children such as check-in, check-out, working with minors, etc.
8. To be a team player to the overall vision of the church and give leadership and support as needed.

Core Responsibilities:
1. Leadership and Oversight: This person will be responsible, in coordination with the Lead Pastor and Discipleship Pastor to give leadership, oversight and administration to the entire preschool ministry (Babies – K), including needs in Sunday school, Awana, etc.
2. Teaching: This person will have many opportunities to teach God’s word to children.
3. Vision and Strategy: This person will work with the Lead Pastor to develop and implement a vision and strategies to help the preschool ministry grow and remain healthy.
4. Leader Development: This person will be responsible for helping pinpoint, develop and cultivate new leaders and servants within the church to fill the roles of a growing preschool ministry.
5. Supervision: This person will be the direct supervisor to all paid nursery staff.
6. Assimilation: This person will help families who are visiting get plugged into the ministry here at Woodlawn and help children feel welcome.
7. Curriculum and Teaching: This person will work with the Lead Pastor and Discipleship Pastor in finding, evaluating, and implementing biblical curriculum to use for children. This person will also help make sure that teachers and those communicating with children are teaching the truth of God’s work in accordance with the beliefs of the church.
8. Policies: This person will develop and implement policies for the safety and security of children and the smooth operation of the ministry.
9. Pastoral Care: This person will help the pastoral staff in keeping up to date with any pastoral care needs that may be present in their area of influence.
10. Outreach: This person will help in developing and coordinating outreach events and programs to reach children and families for Christ.
11. Budget: This person will help develop the yearly budget for preschool ministry.
12. Team Player: This person will work along with the Lead Pastor and other staff to help develop, implement and oversee the overall vision of Woodlawn Baptist Church. This person will work closely with the director of children’s ministries to help meet the spiritual needs of kids and coordinate closely on events and ministries that overlap.